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Kärcher B 150 R: արժանի շարունակությունն է «Սերնդի»
In International specialized exhibition on the cleaning industry CMS 2013 (Cleaning. Management. Services), which was held from 24 to 27 September in Berlin , the company introduced a new Kärcher scrubber B 150 R. wheel drive , high performance, simple control system and a choice of brush blocks do new model almost universal solution for cleaning of various objects large area. The machine is equipped with a seat for the operator and can be successfully used to clean up the premises of large logistics centers , industrial plants or multilevel parking . If the room has features (for example, slope ) , will help solve the problem of four-wheel drive , which is offered to the model as an option. With it the car will be more confident maneuvering on wet surface and easily overcome the sloping land ( 18 %) - for example , ramps, warehouses or " serpentine " multi-storey car park. Thanks to its compact dimensions enough model can easily maneuver in tight spaces and around obstacles . Novelty is capable of speeds up to 10 km/h, providing the highest performance to 9000 m2/hour . The presence of side sweeping brush allows you to clean the room faster and with better quality . Depending on the task , the operator can choose to work as a roller and brush unit disc width of 75 or 90 units , see Replacing the brush and brush does not require special tools , so retrofitting machine to work on the next object does not take much time. A necessary additional equipment can be stored in a basket , which is provided for mounting on top of the case . For ease of operation in the model has several systems that simplify the setting of the machine and significantly reduce the possibility of error. The first of them - a " smart key system » KIK (Kärcher Intelligent Key), which allows you to restrict access to the settings for staff with different skills . Yellow key is directly to the operator , gray - for the manager object, and red allows complete access to the settings for the service . The second system , EASY, allows you to switch all the basic functions of the machine with one rotary switch . Finally , the presence of regime eco! Efficiency ensures operation with a minimum of energy, water and detergents. Furthermore , the model can be implemented dispensing system cleaning agents (DOSE) and the filling and flushing of the tank (Auto-Fill-in)